I look like this:
Height: 5'5
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Weight: 3,000 
marshmallows worth
Silly factor: out of control

About Me


avid glass breaker-cardio junkie-

woman living in New York City.

I can be found in a bar in the West Village acting in an immersive theatre show, pretending like I know what I am doing when I am bartending, breaking a treadmill at the gym, doing stand-up in an LES basement, or in my Queens apartment overwatering my plants.

I can also be found reading the newest book on psychological studies or wearing the most 90's outfit you have ever seen. I always forget to do my morning stretches, but I always remember to do them later.

I am extremely interested in mediums that portray badass, independent, smart women including: any mother that has ever existed ever, transgender women, female comics, little girls who aren't afraid to speak their mind, female super heroes, and the notorious RBG just lights up my chest.



Latest episode: 

Too Far? is a comedic sketch web show that I write/act/produce with my collaborator Julia Feinberg.

Click here to check out all our videos on our YouTube Channel

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Noel Woodford Photography


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I perform improv

with my indie group called "NYPD"  but I assure we have absolutely no affiliation with the Police Department 

I perform stand-up all over NYC, NJ, and maybe even your living room


Wanna come to a show or watch my latest video?

Check my Instagram bio for the latest news. Feel free to direct message me there as well: 


I act/write/produce a comedic sketch web show called Too Far? 

Click here to binge watch it


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